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If you purchase one of the following types of OSHC Overseas Student Health Cover plans, 

we may be able to reduce the fees you pay for applying for your visa with us, depending on the amount purchased.

저희가 파트너쉽이 있는 학생건강보험회사중에 하나 고르고 저희를 통해서 구매하면 

저희의 비자대신신청서비스를 더 싸게 해줄 수 있을지도 몰라요. 사는 만큼을 따라 할인을 해줄 수 있어요.

Contact: miki@hojuimin.com.au

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BUPA (SINGLE) OSHC (Regular website price)

Possible discounts for purchases of 1+ years - purchased through us.